If you understand what you have just read on this page then you should also believe in a God. Time and space are endless so now add to this fact technological advancement. Now imagine how technologically advanced the human race will be in lets say, one billion years from now? We have already cloned Dolly the sheep 4 years ago. Just imagine what seemingly miraculous endeavors we will be performing in about one billion years from now? THEN imagine a life form that has been here literally for hundreds of trillions of years longer than us but yet having a beginning as well. It would have to be so since the universe can not end then logically it has NO beginning date either. It just IS and has always BEEN, once you accept that as fact the rest is very easy to figure out! I believe in God, the most technologically advanced being in the universe. Even if you believe only in evolution you would have to admit that we could not be the first beings to have ever evolved any where at any point in time. To think so would again be an arrogant and self centered thought process like the Sun revolving around the earth. Any being trillions of years older and wiser than us AND also getting here first has to be a very real possibility. If this being looks like us then we very well may have been made in the image of our creator. We call this very old being simply, GOD, The universes smartest, oldest and most wise scientist.




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Quantum wind blows between the ears of mankind, a continued quest for answers.