Is our big-bang just a tiny little 'pop'
in the larger scheme of things?
Think BIGGER,,, Way bigger!
Human beings by nature are self centered thinkers, we tend to think small, tiny, inward and close to home, so why do we think our big bang is the only one out there? We are again thinking inwards, tiny and that we are somehow at the very center of the ONE and ONLY big bang.
At one time long ago humans once also thought that the Sun revolved around earth and that the earth was the center of the universe. Here we are once again thinking with the same tiny inward thought processes and making the same mistakes. We think that the ONLY BIG BANG is ours alone, our special personal big bang because we are right in the middle of this particular one.
What if, galactic matter does indeed keep going outward and losing all energy and dies a cold and dark death in the darkest deepest depths of cold black icy space? THEN something extraordinary happens, what if, eventually a few million of our dead galaxies have a collision with a few billion other dead dark
matter galaxies formed by some of the other big bangs happening around us? They meet up in voids, the space in-between BIG BANGS? These massive voids in between Big Bang
regions which contain so much dark matter that they can effectively absorb and disperse any light, radiation and energy rays coming from any neighboring big bangs. Dark matter dominates the universe and acts like a dark curtain called Neutraliono space. This area in between Big Bangs or Neutraliono space is deadly to traverse, full of gravity traps and void of any life giving energy, it would be unthinkable to cross these expanses in between Big Bangs called "The Voids". These voids are not really empty since they contain dark matter but are considered voids since they do not contain very much energy. Comprised mainly of black holes and other dark matter anomalies, hydrogen gas, nickel, iridium, gold and iron dust from the cores of exploded suns that burned out and died long so very long ago.
Curiously these dark voids of dead matter are also the birth place of all new energy, what we would call "light" or even "life". Occasionally some of this long dead dark matter in the voids becomes hyper super massive and under the forces of hyper gravity, it collapses inwards and then the extraordinary happens,,,,, KABOOM!!! Matter once again turns to energy! A new Big Bang is created from a hyper dense black hole collapsing in the VOID. Think of the VOIDS as repositories for most of the dark matter from galaxies totally burned out of all energy and long dead. Talk about recycling!
Voids teaming with Dead Dark Matter is what makes up most of the universe. A Big Bang is much more rare, it literally transforms death and darkness into light and life. A Big Bang is a pocket of new creation within the void, we are surrounded by it still. This area we call the Big Bang is a small pocket of space full of light and energy that makes life possible. In the Bang of creation the dark matter is converted to energy and our small pocket of energetically lit space appears in the void, we call these tiny pockets of light and life Big Bangs. Little tiny pockets of light and life in an other wise dark universe full of dead dark matter. Eventually the lights of creation will all go dark and hopefully by that time we will have mastered space and charted a coarse that takes us to a new and much younger Big Bang region of space, one that is full of newly born fresh energy. Life requires energy. We have gone from horse& plow to the micro-chip in only 100 years. I hope that in 100,000,000,000 years when the last lights of our small pocket of lit space finally go out that we will have learned how to navigate through the dangerous black void and travel into the next region of newly created energy perhaps right next door, a Big Bang much younger than our own.
Space is endless and the amount of big bangs occurring at any given moment are infinite! That is to say that so many other Big Bangs are occurring at this
exact second at distances unimaginable that it can not even be calculated by any number but only to call it "infinite big bangs occurring in endless time and
space". A better name for big bangs would be to call them by their true name called a "DARK MATTER HYPERNOVAE" which converts cold dead dark
matter into energy and light and eventually life.
Scientists KNOW for a FACT that the universe is expanding BUT also accelerating... Acceleration? Acceleration means attraction to a heavy object and since galaxies do not come equipped with rocket engines they can not accelerate all by themselves. Scientists KNOW what acceleration implies but the truth can be a bit terrifying to admit, the human mind tends to block out thoughts and conclusions that are overpoweringly frightening. Since matter can ONLY be attracted to other matter the obvious conclusion is that we are totally surrounded by black matter and lots of it!!! This black matter is tugging at our galaxies heart and this is why all the galaxies in our BIG BANG region are moving apart with added acceleration. The galaxies closest to the interface of our big bangs edge "The Wall" will accelerate even faster until all that remains of those galaxies is the faint after glow of red shifted light in the eye of the hubble telescope. You can not get such uniform acceleration unless you are totally surrounded by something bigger and heavier, a truly monstrous mass and we are inside of it. The BLACK-MASS, the Void, Neutraliono space!
When I was a kid I believed the universe had an end, a limit of some kind. An impenetrable WALL of some sort, a place where it ended and you could go no further. That seemed simple enough for me, after all my room had four walls so I was satisfied with my conclusion. Then another kid asked me "What's behind the wall?" That took another 5 years for me to figure out. The "WALL" is an Ocean of black holes awash in seas of long dead matter not yet swallowed up by the many black holes and their gravitational attractions. An icy cold death trap void of any energy "The VOID". This is not a WALL but instead a place with dangers and distances unimaginable, Neutraliono space. A dark icy region containing only the ashes of once beautiful celestial events of light and life that occurred so very long ago.
The truth is that we are in a pocket of space totally surrounded by DARK matter! This dark matter is what is PULLING so hard at our little pocket of energy, light and life. Eventually we will be "BUG SPLAT" on the proverbial black "Wind Shield" surrounding our particular little big bang pocket of space that we reside in for now. Then, eventually the black matter that was once blasted away during creation will slowly refill our region of space and perhaps again, if the black masses get heavy enough we will get a great big KABOOM once again. (NOTE: We should NOT be hanging around when that event happens) Our only hope is learn and think and work together and THEN just maybe our children's future generations can survive this. We need to think of escape, but we have billions of years to learn the "Escape Trick" so relax. Do your part and try not to be a WAR MONGER. Thoughts of destroying are just wasted energy, the universe is the great destroyer and has had a corner in that area of expertise for a LONG time! We spend WAY to much time hurting one another. We should be more worried about what is coming for us in the dark of space, we need to stick together and start acting like a race that wants a place in the elite circle of immortality.
When thinking about the BIG BANG, Think bigger, Way BIGGER!
In the illustration below you can see that some Big Bangs are in such close proximity that they over lap one another and in some cases form long strings. (Look carefully and you will ALSO notice the more rare long strings of dark matter! In other areas big bangs are isolated by long regions of dark matter filled space surrounding them "The Void"
In the illustration below our Big Bang pocket of space containing its Trillions of galaxies is only one pixel in size in this universe full of OTHER big bangs
Yes the universe is endless, it always will be, it always was. There is no beginning and no end of time. The states of Matter and Energy are forever changing in form. Just accept this reasoning and your thoughts will start falling into place much easier within your mind. Our tiny little Big-Bang that we now live inside of is only a tiny event, a tiny speck inside of a much grander universe and our Big-Bang does have a beginning and an end time but this does not mean ours is the only one out there. In the grand scheme our big bang is just a tiny speck in a universe so grand in its absolute infinity of space, matter, energy and time.




A BLACK-HOLE is made up of COLD motionless

neutrons that eventually become 'Neutronium Crystals'

that are devoid of all energy and are pure ice cool matter.

(A Crystalline Lattice Matrix Made of Neutrons)


Whereas, "Neutrons In Motion" = "The Elements"


What is a single Neutron called? Well for now just think of it as a micro

black hole. A single piece of an exploded black hole, a remnant of an event.

When to neutrons or micro black holes meet in space they begin to orbit

each other and spin faster and faster. When this orbiting speed reaches the

speed of light they stabilize and form what we know as a hydrogen atom or also

called H2 or a proton. The two micro black holes contain their energy in the

form of this spinning inertia . The distance between these two micro singularities

forever caught in this orbiting embrace is VERY far apart atomically

speaking. If you hold a rock in your hand it seems large and heavy and

even solid but if you could stop the orbiting neutrons all at once it would

release all of its energy and turn into a miniscule dot of mass so small that

the only description that would accurately fit would be to call it "GONE".

If you start thinking of planets as "Made of Styrofoam" you will

start to better understand the make up of your universe.

Start to think of things as just "fluffed up" black holes or singularities and

the hidden force keeping planets from collapsing into an object smaller

than a speck of dust is the intense "speed of light" orbiting of all the

micro singularities (neutrons) that make up all higher matter.


Understand that the phrases - 'dark matter', 'singularities' and 'neutrons' are all the same partical!!!


What we call Higher-Matter or "The Elements" are simply

hundreds of different bond combinations made of neutrons

which are simply micro singularities plus the speed of their

interacting orbits (atoms). This is what accounts for the great

distances between atoms. Simply "Fluffed Up" micro singularities.

When these micro singularities gather and lock tight only then

do they lose their freedom to spin and then release their energy.

Once enough micro singularities mass together then you

have a true black hole and when it cools and is totally free

of all heat you get a Neutronium crystal and when it shatters you

get a big bang and this is the "Business Model" for the universe.


Gravity is than a simple attraction of black matter to itself and

for now lets just call gravity "Dark Matter Magnetism"

Since planets are made up off "Fluffed Up" micro singularities

of coarse you will get gravity since its made up of "Fluffed Up"

black hole material which is only Neutrons orbiting each other

at the speed of light and this energy keeps things from

collapsing. When the energy is gone they collapse.


"The Elements" = Neutrons +energy created by motion

of neutrons orbiting one another at the speed of light.

Depending on the complexity of the bond many

combinations can emerge from groups of 2 - 266

and we call those groups "The Elements"


The "STRONG FORCE" in all elements is only micro

gravity at work. Depending on the arrangement of this

powerful micro gravity bond you could get "GOLD"

if you had 196-197 micro singularities in the right 'order'.

These 'orders' are natural points of resonance or frequency

that the spinning micro singularities nest into as stable

combinations. These frequencies of the individual elements

can be clearly distinguished from each other on a spectrograph.


No wonder that the SPEED OF LIGHT is the natural speed limit of the elements and us too!

If you were inside of a spaceship made up of metals spinning at the speed of light then it

would fly apart when approaching the light-speed. Elements being held together by

orbiting at the speed of light can NOT travel faster than their orbits or KABOOM!


A mass of hot neutrons still contains much residual energy and thus takes up more area as per the "Pauli Exclusion Principle" Thus HOT neutron stars still contain MUCH energy (heat or motion) and will not condense into "Black-holes" until all residual energy has dissipated. Any heat prevents the formation of neutronium crystals which become Black-holes.
Matter made of neutrons and thus 2 protons are really only 2 neutrons spinning at the speed of light. This spinning of the 2 neutrons is what we call ENERGY. We can call it a proton ONLY if the orbit of the 2 neutrons is stable. If not the neutrons separate and that is a very dangerous thing, just as occurs in a Neutron bomb. Neutrons flying away from each other at the speed of light creating new elements when they impact into other atoms (very dangerous to your DNA codes! (ie 1945 event New Mexico)
We need to start calling Protons "Dual Neutrons Spinning" In fact we have to totally rethink many terms.
Lets relearn, Two neutrons together is called hydrogen or a proton. When apart they are just two separate
neutrons and they will try to rejoin within about 15 minutes (half-life) if in close proximity to each other.
D2 is 2 neutrons almost ready to touch and release energy so lets call heavy water 'Ancient Water' since it is close to decay.
D3 are groups of neutrons in very close proximity and already close enough to start rubbing together hence releasing energy (glowing).
All we call 'Matter' is actually only DARK matter +energy. What we call "THE ELEMENTS" is merely dark matter still in motion with neutrons orbiting together for trillions of years ever slowly moving closer together. This dance of "neutrons in motion" at the speed of light eventually come to an end and they all become dark matter once again. The real big question is "WHERE DOES THE HEAT GO?" What is "HEAT'? Where does heat come from in the first place? This is the question that needs to be answered first! The answer is simple BUT if I have to tell you then you have not yet earned the right to know.
Remember neutronium is a crystal - What happens if you crush a diamond?
It explosively shatters into dust. At what Critical Mass will neutronium shatter?
Any object even a neutron can not occupy the same space at the same time!
At a specific Critical Mass neutronium crystals try this and fail horribly!
When neutron crystals try to break this natural law we get a BIG-BANG.



Neutrons forcibly pulled apart while in a dead cold state is the catalyst of a big bang! Heat is ONLY created when the neutrons try to reunite much later making a BIG BANG a rather "ICY" explosion relatively speaking. Yes the big bag was hot and brief but what came long after was much hotter with the fusion of trillions of stars for billions of years and all slowly turning back into cold dead matter and resetting the unless cycle of matter into energy and back again on a grand scale.
Heat is the reversal process of a singularity explosion. HEAT is the CONSEQUENCE of a big bang and NOT the cause. Heat comes much later as neutrons try to reunite.
When enough congeal together they form a new Sun and release there MOTION into heat.
Simple friction from the rotating neutrons rubbing together under the force of their own gravity, is commonly called fusion. This hot interaction starts to form heavier elements in the core of the new Suns. When a pair of hydrogen atoms fuse they are actually forming larger neutron pairs so the whole way we see the atom is totally incorrect. Think of fusion as two micro black holes swallowing each other and thus becoming a tiny bit larger, very simple and the math works out better than the common model! When two micro singularities meet and fuse heat is emitted by their collisions and at that point a slightly larger singularity is born, Helium! Think of the new and heavier helium atoms as having two slightly larger singularities spinning at the speed of light. So what about the electrons? Do they actually have mass, not much, for now lets just call them the consequence of the vacuole density changing charge or destabilizing and trying to maintain equilibrium. EVERYTHING in the macro and microcosm is made of spinning or orbiting 'DOTS'. Spinning pairs of neutron dots of varying size that go inward and outward to infinity! Photons, electrons, quarks and even tachyons are all just members of this common family. What we needed to put it all together was this key, that they are pairs of this 'Neutron Substance' or 'Raw Matter' spinning at the speed of light.
Absolute ZERO is infinitely cold. We can not measure it since the instruments we use to measure it are made out of elemental matter. True ZERO is the state where all atoms lock tight and touch with NO space in between. True zero degrees is well beyond our comprehension and ability to measure yet.
COLD is the natural state, We are the lucky anomaly that comes from the icy cold of a
Hyper Compacted Singularity Exploding. A crystal about the size of a golf ball shattering.


So back to "WHAT IS HEAT?" A Neutronium Crystal is infinitely COMPACT while

containing ZERO energy. When it shatters or explodes it creates the conditions for

Infinite SIZE and MUCH energy. This fits the mathematical models that show

MASS and ENERGY are DIRECTLY interchangeable. Now we know the

mechanism of how this once mysterious event occurs on the grand scale.


In the universe size DOES matter and is in fact 'MATTER' itself.


As planets age the super heavy isotopes like all the Uranium in the central core start to break down and transmute into lighter elements like silicon dioxide (lava) and even
dihydrogen oxide (water) in some cases. This process takes up more space causing radical expansion of matter from the ultra heavy into a fluffy lighter matter. This takes up more space and starts
the "EXPANSION PROCESS" of older planets with molten cores at some point in their life cycle.

This blows up older planets like balloons and makes them "WETTER" too. As long as the lava is flowing we have our magnetic shield against the Suns gamma radiation. As long as this chain reaction keeps happening within the heart of our planet we are safe from all the Suns gamma radiation. When the process is over the core solidifies and the planet is effectively "dead".


HAVE FUN (this video is incomplete as he does not mention the contraction periods that create the tall mountains SO remember it is not ONLY expansion but also times of contraction and that is the period we are in now so the plates are grinding downward (subduction) . That is the period in between the expansions. An expansion phase may be separated from a contraction phase by several million years so keep an open mind, this planet is really old! Watch the expansion in this video which is only part of the puzzle. The author never thought of contractions too, it is so obvious. As a species we tend to make many leaps in knowledge and then get stuck not believing the tiny details that are so darn simple!! -




This text about is © and is the original work of ,,, Bob Green ??? Published 1981 Varna®

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