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Taking apart a PMA the right way.
1. Remove the 4 housing bolts and pull the front housing off OVER the shaft. Never pull the rear housing off first!!!!
If it is jammed or rusted use some WD-40 on the shaft and alternately tap the mounting wings with a hammer while applying pressure to the shaft with your thumb so that the stator and it's delicate wiring harness is kept in place. NOTE: If the shaft is scored-up badly you may have to sand the shaft down to it's original 17mm size to get the front housing off.
2. Now grab the exposed rotor core shaft and pull it out WHILE holding down the stator ring with your index
finger and thumb. This will take LOTS of strength!!!!! If you fail to hold the stator in place the core and stator
will be extracted together and the wires will be torn off of the stator and this is unrepairable! This is a tricky maneuver and usually takes some experience and lots of muscle!!!!!!!
3. Once the rotor core has been successfully extracted the rectifier connections are exposed and you may now unfasten the three wire nuts to safely remove the stator coil. (To reassemble simply reverse procedure)
Warranties will be void on any PMA that is opened by a customer.
Any PMA experimentation and examination is at your own risk.