Photo shows optional fan and pulley.

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The PMA codes are just stock numbers, NOT voltages!!



#1212C -Only $99.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee.
#18C -Only $92.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee.
#24C -Only $92.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee.
#48C -Only $92.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee.
#60C-Only $92.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee.
#120C -Only $99.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee.
Coil Cross Referance - The PMA codes are just stock numbers, NOT voltages!

If you are not sure which coil you need Email Us Here





#SC14 -Only $249.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee -


POWERCORE® ROTOR CORE- 7 Magnets with 14 Poles
#PC14 -Only $189.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee -

SLANTCORE Plus+® - ROTOR CORE - 7 Magnets with 14 Poles
#SL14 -Only $159.95 plus $19.85 S&H fee -

#RCS -Only $29.95 plus $14.85 S&H fee -


PMA Rebuilding Kit
Includes rectifier plus front and rear bearings
#RBK -Only $49.95 plus $16.85 S&H fee -

Full Wave Rectifier
Full Wave Rectifier for three phase coils to DC output
#FWR -Only $39.95 plus $16.85 S&H fee -

Delco Cases Kit
Full Front and rear case kit (as shown in photo)
#2CASE -Only $39.00 plus $18.90 S&H fee -

#FB10 -Only $80.00 plus $22.87 S&H fee -
BEARING TRADE-IN PROGRAM - Send us your old bearing and we will give you a new one for FREE for LIFE

Fan and pulley option -
Model #PFK Series - Choose from the 3 below.
#PFK Series - Pulley and large fan kit - Includes your option of :
#PFK60B - 60MM OD pulley for wide 1/2" belts -
#PFK80B - 80MM OD pulley for wide 1/2" belts -

Taking apart a PMA the right way.
1. Remove the 4 housing bolts and pull the front housing off OVER the shaft. Never pull the rear housing off first!!!!
If it is jammed or rusted use some WD-40 on the shaft and alternately tap the mounting wings with a hammer while applying pressure to the shaft with your thumb so that the stator and it's delicate wiring harness is kept in place. NOTE: If the shaft is scored-up badly you may have to sand the shaft down to it's original 17mm size to get the front housing off.
2. Now grab the exposed rotor core shaft and pull it out WHILE holding down the stator ring with your index
finger and thumb. This will take LOTS of strength!!!!! If you fail to hold the stator in place the core and stator
will be extracted together and the wires will be torn off of the stator and this is unrepairable! This is a tricky maneuver and usually takes some experience and lots of muscle!!!!!!!
3. Once the rotor core has been successfully extracted the rectifier connections are exposed and you may now unfasten the three wire nuts to safely remove the stator coil. (To reassemble simply reverse procedure)
Warranties will be void on any PMA that is opened by a customer.
Any PMA experimentation and examination is at your own risk.



Our PMA's can get very hot so they need air ventilation holes.
Rain water and snow will not harm them.
Most people do not realize that rain water cannot conduct electricity!
Only water with minerals in it can conduct power like tap and ground water.
However PMA's can rust so please coat them with Varnish to insure a long life!

WARNING; High voltage PMA's and battery banks can cause lethal electric shock
Hints for people that are attempting to operate a household and are not on the grid:
Get a fork lift battery! Try calling places that sell used fork lifts. The 12 volt batteries that run fork lifts are the best! Many of these old batteries are discarded because they can no longer operate a fork lift for a full 8 hour work day but they still have enough operational life to run your household for many decades. Many can be bought at recycling prices and still have 100 times more amperage than a brand new bank of automotive type batteries that will only last for 2 or 3 years.
Lifespan of battery types while engaged in demanding alternative energy use:
Cheapest bargain store bought automotive battery - 6 to 8 months life before it goes to the junk heap.
Professional battery store bought T105 battery - 2 to 3 years life before it goes to the junk heap.
Professional battery store bought L-16 battery - 4 to 7 years life before it goes to the junk heap.
Industrial bought Fork Lift battery - The one I own is 31 years old now, I will let you all know when it finally dies.
Customer Comments: "My fork lift battery has been powering our home for 27 years now and still charging strong!
I feel sorry for the people using 105's or L-16's, that is a great way to go if your goal is to
create a mountain of useless lead within your life time or run out of power in the middle of dinner.
This is the best advice you are ever going to get and it is your funeral if you do not listen!
Our 12 volt /110 AC inverters can run for weeks at a time on our monster sized fork lift battery."

Ohms law calculator

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We do not have a voice phone number or a receptionist in order to keep your prices low.


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NO PAPER company policy. We have no written literature.

Over 175,000,000 tons of paper and other wood products are dumped into landfills annually world over.

We offer only non-polluting electronically generated information that is served here on this web site.


PLEASE NOTE: Our model numbers have nothing to do with voltages. For instance, our model #120 sereis can make 1,400 volts if you spin it at 18,000 RPM or it can make 12 volts if you spin it at 200 RPM. The '120' code is ONLY a stock number as are ALL the model numbers in ALL our PMA's. Our model numbers (#) are NOT voltage designations!


A great way to show how much better your rotor designs are vs the
competition with one mag and the Chinese wind gens with wound rotors.
Ive been studying converting a wound rotor to a pm rotor. But found that
your design of multi mags on the outside put 4 to 6 times more oomph into
the coils.
There is only so much field you can get in an iron core. about 16G.
Now a wire wound core has to divide this between the usual 6 poles on
the rotor for 1/6 of the possible mag field at each pole/coil.
But a typical #42 NDB has 13G so each coil gets 13G not 16G/6 or 2.66G.
So the multi mag core is 13/2.66 (4.88) times more powerful than a
electro rotor and 6 to 12 times more powerful than a pma with old rotor
and NDB magnet ring because half the field goes on the inside of the
rotor and the rest is divided into 6 poles.
Might be a good selling point over the other pmas that use a ring magnet
in an old core.
Note the larger axial pma's will put out a higher voltage at lower rpm
because the magnets are moving faster across the coils at the same rpm.
The bigger the rotor the higher the voltage per rpm.