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Cold Weather Colicing Prevention.
Keep remote stock tanks from freezing solid
with our #SJH series water heaters!
People have found that using our battery
powered heaters is the BEST deicing method
ever devised! Keep water available to your
live stock 24 hours a day. While the 12 volt
battery needs to be changed out ONCE a day
it sure beats chopping ice 3 or 4 times a day!
Compared to endless ice chopping simply
swapping out batteries once a day is relatively easy!
(You can also use much bigger batteries and go as long as 4 days. For more info read all info below)
Threaded models fit right into the bottom of all 1" water tank drain plugs. (1" NPT - bottom tapped)

Cold Weather Colicing Prevention.
Threaded models fit right into the bottom of all 1" water tank drain plugs. (1" NPT - bottom tapped)
Built to last a lifetime.
Low voltage means NO shock hazard.
STOP expensive and deadly Colic !

Extending battery time - Batteries can also be banked together in PARALLEL (not series) to extend the time in between visits to remote stock tanks. You can also extend the running time by up to 4 times by using 6 volt "GOLF CART" batteries and running the heater on only 6 volts. On a 6 volt battery they will last 4 times longer in between charges BUT they will not run as HOT either which could work out nice for smaller or really remote tanks!
In any case there are lots of wiring configurations you can experiment with in-order to get the right heating curve and longevity out of your batteries.
You can also use a wind turbine or solar panel to help charge batteries in the field too! Only you can determine what will work in YOUR situation so pay close attention to the water for the first few days your heater is on line!
Why does battery power work so well? Even during the day when temperatures rise above freezing the water is being slowly heated by the water heater.
This large body of warm water acts as a gigantic heat sink (Thermal Mass) and the water will hold that heat all night long, especially if you insulate the tank too!
EXAMPLE: If you have ever unplugged a portable spa you will have noticed that even days later the water is still very warm even in freezing weather. This is why slow heating of water both day and night with a low wattage battery powered heater works out so well.
Insulation of the water tank by surrounding it with straw bails and or applying a spray-able foam type insultation is very important to stop heat dissipation!
Also the battery powering your heater should be placed in a closed box with at least 4" of foam insulation to keep its power levels higher in cold weather.
Note: Large tanks should be siting on solid Styrofoam billets that are at least 6" thick. The ground is very COLD!!

"Swopping out a battery daily sure beats chopping ice everyday"


For use with in any 50 amp or higher common LOW VOLTAGE 12 volt automotive battery charger and then simply hook the 12 Volt leads to your #SJH600 heater with 10 gauge wires.
Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a direct high voltage 110 Volt plug-in heaters as this practice regularly kills an estimated 17,000 animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material!
NOTE: Only use Low Voltage heaters like ours that run on battery power or operate from a low voltage power transformer like a battery charger!!
Low Voltage 12, 24 + 48 VDC water heaters make accidental electrocution improbable! Heat your water safely this winter!
Your Critter NOSE (knows) the
dangers of ALL 110 volt heaters.

Remember NEVER to heat your animals water with a high voltage 110 Volt heaters as this practice regularly kills
an estimated 17,000 animals annually once the high voltage heater gets a crack in the electrical insulation material!
NOTE: Only use Low Voltage heaters like ours that run on battery power
or operate from a low voltage power transformer like a battery charger!!
LOW VOLTAGE 12, 24 and 48 Volt water heaters makes
accidental electrocution impossible! Heat your water safely!
Do not buy the 110 VAC killer heaters!! Sooner or later they always fail!



For HOT WATER direct from Wind Power CLICK HERE

No batteries needed!!


Place the heater nearest to the side used most for drinking as warmwater rises just above the heater and this spot will be a MOST ice free.
Click Here For Heater Pricing $
Type #800 Incoloy Steel Jacketed Heater element with stainless hardware is manufactured to stringent UL® #1030 standards.
Overheat and Freeze thermostats available.
Official 90 day warranty (But if connections are protected they should last 15 to 30 years) Outdoor connections should be covered with grease to prevent corrosion)


Questions And Answers
Q. - Will it work on my rubber maid tank and what do you think of solar? Also how do I get maximum battery life in winter the months.
A - It works on most of the rubber maid tanks but you will have to check if it is a 1" pipe thread. Also we use a BOTTOM TAP NPT thread style so sometimes
you may have to re-thread the hole to the largest possible 1" taper but that is easy. I would highly recommend that you go to the smallest tank size possible in the winter months so the heater can do its job. Since the battery needs to be swapped out and the dead one recharged daily most people with 3 horses could get away with just a 20 to 30 gallon tank if re-filled daily. This does not mean you have to remove your big water tank but just offer the live stock an alternative drinking spot that is smaller and still liquid. The problem with solar is that the snow covers the panel so it also needs daily sweeping, The panels also cost about $1800.00 each for the Wattage needed to run the 600 Watt heater and the theft rate on an $1800.00 solar panel sitting in the middle of an open field is about 100% in the first year!
Q. -How does this all work? Please tell me what I need to do.
A. - Most of our customers connect a freshly charged deep cycle battery on their tank heater once every day at feeding time and then they JUST swap them out for a newly charged battery at that time. This means you will need two deep cycle batteries. One is operating the heater while the other one being recharged. No more chopping sheets of ice, battery swapping is all you need to do here. EASY! The water above the heater is always open. Also put straw bails around your tank and set the tank on an 8" bed of straw to keep it off of the cold ground. You can also build a dirt ramp around it for short animals if necessary.
Q. -Why is my battery only lasting 6 hours?
A. - First of all 6 hours of making warm water is very good because it may actually take the water 18 hours or more to cool back down to freezing so you have figure that into the whole timing equation. Having a tank with insulated walls that also is not siting on the ice cold ground will also help extend your warm water time dramatically.
Second, make very sure that you charge your battery up to a full 13.8 volts . This will give you TWICE the power of an ordinary 12 volt charge. This can be done by using a charger that has a "Boost" mode on it and a timer. Set it for 60 minutes on full BOOST mode. Using a charger that has a START/BOOST mode super charges your battery effectively doubling its energy output! Double check the charge with a volt meter and make sure its 13.7 volts or higher. If not, give it 60 more minutes of charging on the start/boost setting.You can also try buy a bigger DEEP cycle battery or even add many batteries in parallel to increase heating time. Insulate your batteries too. A cold battery is a dead battery! The BEST deep cycle battery is a TROJAN model # DC-500ML. This is the battery you should get! ( Rare facts: A 12 volt battery can be charged up as high as 14.7 volts) "Swopping out a battery daily sure beats chopping ice everyday"
A - Yes but you must only use a model #SJH24125 heater in combination with the model #HT500/24 VOLT wind turbine! Buy Both as ONLY this combo works! This is the only combo proven not to 'stall-out' the wind turbine from spinning or burn-out the heater in a wind storm.
Q. My heater will not screw into the 1" NPT hole on my threaded tank.
A. We use a 1" BOTTOM TAP STYLE thread as it says in all of our ads. FIX - You need to buy or rent a 1" pipe tape and open up your thread ALL the way to the
maximum possible pipe taper so it will fit in the NOW 1" bottom taped threaded hole. Just run the pipe tap through the hole until the threads are fully cut up open to full size (bottom taped) Remember pipe thread is tapered. BOTTOM TAP means ALL THE WAY OPEN to the maximum taper. There is also a TAP called a bottom tap that does this right away. In either case you need to open up your threads wider, then it will fit into your 1" bottom taped hole.
Q. - I have your highest power 600 watt model and a big powerful battery at the full 13.8 volt charge but the water still freezes up by morning. What can I do?
A - You must be in an extremely cold area. The best thing you can do is get a smaller stock tank to concentrate the heaters energy into a smaller body of water. Also try to bring hot water with you when you fill your stock tank. Many ranchers fill their truck-tank directly from their home hot water heater. This water is burning hot at first but by the time you get out to the stock yard the water will be nice and warm and will melt all of the ice in the tank on contact ! (No Chopping). Now connect your freshly charged battery to your stock tank heater and you should be able to make it for a full 24 hours, until your next visit.



"Swopping out a battery daily sure beats chopping ice everyday"

How to buy a heater now
How to buy a thermostat to stop over heating or freezing
Heat water with wind power






If you do not have a 1" NPT threaded hole at the bottom of your tank just buy a Bulkhead Fitting


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